Confidence Modelling your roof in 3D and simulating the installation of all your roof materials is like a dress rehearsal for your complete project. So from the model off the plan, right through to the invoice for the customer all in the one application. Cons The problem is, it will take the user hundred of hours to learn the software. Tony from Oakwood Roofing. If you have problem in an area, YouTube is just a bookmark away with the answers. To set up correctly takes ages, and to set up correctly you need more than and entry level knowledge of computers, also if you don’t have knowledge of how a long run roof goes together off cuts flipping over and going to opposite of hip etc , well you need that knowledge, unless you’re using it to just to get a Square Metre rate. Love the Wizard Pros Accuracy.

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As a US user, some of the standard formatting seems to get a bit jumbled when converting from metric. A word about skills shortages in construction 0 Comments Back in July, an article in Metal Construction News drew my attention, because it applicad software an issue we also face Makes it easy to quote very different softwzre at one time. With the significant cost savings from accurate quotations my AppliCad roof applicad software has paid for itself many times over.

Learning it takes time. Its very accurate, and works very efficiently. Setting it up for your business also takes time.


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Roof Wizard from AppliCad is an estimating and takeoff application that serves the applicad software of roofing, siding contractors, and estimators. AppliCad roof software automates manual processes and provides the most accurate 3D roof and wall modelling and measurement functionality for manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

Makes ordering the materials very quick. Cons The thing I like least is the amount of training involved, having said that, once trained properly the product applicsd powerful and fast to use. I know what it appliczd cost me to do the job, there is no more guessing of what materials I will need i have the exact quantities. If the building is applicad software per plan the sheet lengths and flashings will be bang on. The software can draw any type of Roof area.

Setting up the materials is probably the worst part.

Cons It is difficult to learn, but once you do iot works great. Supported Operating System s: Buyer Beware Pros The software can draw any type of Roof area. In the age of instant gratification it’s not instantly user friendly. If you’re in applicad software roofing business and your not using Roof Wizard you’re doftware in the roofing business, this software does it all from preparing the quote for the client to material and work orders.

Roof Wizard Estimating Software

Francis from Roofline Marlborough. It applicad software catered to the roofing market. No matter how complex. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. I have been in the Roofing for 24 years and have owned and operated 5 different estimating software.


Cons I have not found any major problems using Roof Wizard applicad software there are minor glitches the customer support is both friendly and helpful.

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I can do a plan to exact measurements, send the quote, when it’s accepted i only have to check the building to see if it applicad software been changed from the plans. Worth it if you invest the time Pros Comprehensive take off system, that is very accurate. Reaonable Pros Its very accurate, and works very efficiently.

But this software requires the user to spend several hundred hours on it before user will be able to use it properly. If you find yourself struggling all that’s needed is softawre call or email and POW!!! It models structures in 3D from aerial images and PDF documents to create estimates, material lists, panel, trim cutting lists and supplier orders. Cons Applicad software up the materials is probably the worst part.

Pros Easy take-offs from digital files or overhead pictures. Pros Roofwizard is a great program!