Right clicking on the IIS service and click “Properties”. Please check your php configuration. Comcast and WOW are pretty cool about it- but they just don’t want you running businesses off your server- but personal use is cool which is what most people here would use their own server for. May 14, at 5: For each year that an added domain is on, you lose 1 credit.

appserv 2.4.3 setup

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January 20, at 8: If you do not specify an ErrorLog directive within a container, error messages relating to that virtual host will be logged here.

appserv 2.4.3 setup

I am working on an updated install on Server right now and will be posting the results which should help you out. When swtup try to download a file it brings you to a description instead.

Version History

Either way, lets hope you have an easy to remember address that points to your server. You will never need to open sppserv mess with any of these settings ever again as long as you have selected to run this as a service or each time Windows starts.


Hey, I am having problems with this. Worked great for me… thanks much.

appserv 2.4.3 setup

I have used cleanpcguide. Therefore none of the modules could be found. If php -m is showing the modules and it is in your path it could be an issue with the connection parameters. The referencing of apperv child nodes sounds like a DNS issue which you could edit the c: You also do not want to appser DMZ just forward the port you need to the computer running Apache.

You can convert it into a list of whatever links, though, if thats what you want to do.

Newbie Guide to Setting up Your Own Apache Server on Windows [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

I have a small problem. Papserv you want your domain name to work on your server even if it has a dynamic IP address?

Your POP3 address is also the same. These are the filenames that Apache will open automatically when someone visits a root directory.

Version History – AppServ : Apache + PHP + MYSQL

Can appseev burn this to CD for me? June 19, at 4: Once your finished, you can type ftp: New to this stuff and just curious on how it operates, and it’s uses.


March 31, at 9: All I ask is that you cover the cost of the CD and a stamp. Don’t worry about that. When you say you cant see it, do you mean via a browser, or through an FTP client.

If you have never been to a PHP-Nuke powered web site, just look around. The Options directive is both complicated and important. I’m only on xppserv 2.

appserv 2.4.3 setup

October 2, at Bring the Mercury for Win32 folder back into focus the folder that you minimized in step You can click the Close button to exit the installation utility. Instead, you either have to supply your own DNS appsefv, or rely on cheap domain cloaking. No wonder port forwarding wasn’t working. Last time I checked it was there at the last update.