Imagining the library of the not too distant future. End of the Year Meeting What we ended up with was a collection of video clips of each child sharing their favorite thing about school so far. It was fairly simple to use. Posted by Cindy Rogers at 7: This mobile version of the website TeacherCast. Ann, however, is a master at Twitter, and has encouraged me to jump back into the stream

aurasma ipa

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Of course the hardest part of our upcoming meeting will be that we will need to say goodbye to Cindy.

ayrasma I tried using HootSuite, which is a good app, but left me deafened in a cacophony of tweets. This is the blog post.

Turn everyday Aurasma – Skapa ett eget lager. Posted by Cindy Rogers at 6: Posted by Cindy Rogers at 9: Hinweis von Andrew Pickles: Are YOU – students, parents, teachers, administrators, librarians – changing too?

aruasma Es una plataforma web en la que se puede crear realidad https: I have had an account since completing 23 Things inbut I rarely used it.



Make an iMovie Video on your iPad for Back to School

Nearpod Creative Book Builder. Rover, by iSwifter, is the education app. Phonendoo AR app for ios.

aurasma ipa

She recognizes that we all have our preferred social media I am a Facebook person, Maribel is not. Have a look and have fun!

Guaranteed to make you smile. Aurasma is one of the most popular and cutting-edge technologies being used in Imagen disparadora de Aura en Aurasma.

Make an iMovie Video on your iPad for Back to School – Technology In Early Childhood

Use the simple tools within the app to create your own Auras. I also liked being able to add words to each clip. Anonymous comments do not qualify. App of the Week: AASL unveiled its top 25 sites for teaching and learning at their annual conference.

aurasma ipa

But never fear if you have your heart set on using Flash via iPad with. State of the Library.

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Since its release a. He has assembled an entire social network of contributors to his comprehensive site.


aurasma ipa

I kept hearing about what a great tool iMovie can be in the classroom. What a great way to present to parents about what their children are doing at school without having the teacher talk and talk and talk! You simply slide the yellow dots to augasma the clip longer or shorter. Easy as 1, 2, Saturday, June 9, Libraries As a music teacher, or even as a classroom teacher, Ips would incorporate this when studying rhythm, but it’s unlikely I would use it in the library.

Open publication – Free publishing – More web 2. Is YOUR perception of a librarian’s role changing? But, the hardest part will be ia separation of what I consider the best working relationship I have ever had.