Great utility to check for Forced Subtitles. Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www. Last edited by 0xdeadbeef; 6th September at Will send it over PM. Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here. Splitting the image into two composition objects would maybe really help in this case, yet the main problem is this brute force fading approach. BDSup2Sub opens it and gives a “buffer offset error” when “seeking” to another frame.

bdsup2sub mac

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bdsup2sub mac

Also it would be very difficult to reverse engineer a palette fade from analyzing images, especially if they are bddsup2sub ARGB images. It should be easy to add a workaround though. Find More Posts by Oleg Rode. Windows 10 bit Ease of use: Page 28 of Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www.

Well, maybe there is no problem at all, but theoretically speaking: Click to enlarge screenshot. Anyway, chances are that the flickering you observe is caused by simpler causes. Only minor issue is some of the sub-lines give a error in mkvmerge.


Since automatic splitting requires some ugly calculations, I’d be glad to get rid of it again, so another way to solve the problem would be more than welcome. Firstly, you should rethink the idea of “Blu-Ray standard compatible” in bold print!

The problem is most probably really the combination of fading and large images. Leave empty to search for all tools.

bdsup2sub mac

It may be disabled when installing or kac installation. I also changed the default ‘merge’ and ‘min display’ times of bdsup2subso probably it will cause more smooth processing of animated subtitles and no flickering. By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules.

Last edited by 0xdeadbeef; 6th September at Great utility to check for Forced Subtitles. Review by SidestickMaster on Jun 6, Version: Rating Rating from I’m just too tired to do it right now and dunno if I will have time tomorrow.

It would be great if we could crop top margin. I use HdBr Stream Extractor to pull the subs off the original video file.

Bdsup2sub mac download

Last edited by Oleg Rode; 10th September at The time now is Most probably I don’t get the request but how is that different from using the existing cropping feature? So in the meantime the name seems a little inappropriate. Anyway, as usual, I need the sample to give a more useful reply. So it is simply impossible to get an overflow there with only one composition object within an epoch. In a nutshell, it’s bdsyp2sub subtitle conversion tool for image based stream formats with scaling capabilities and some other nice features.


Last edited by 0xdeadbeef; 11th September at It creates the most primitive type of epoch, but doesn’t make any bddsup2sub of more advanced PGS features as palette and cropping animations, multiple windows or multiple composition objects per window. Still I had no time to test it yet. Maybe you have another way to explain that: Which brings us back to the original request: