But is influencing the entire extreme metal world really that far from influencing the entire world of film? Fully in control of the most sinister and beastly aspects of his voice, Tom barks and snarls his way through each song in a way that perfectly complements the riffs. If you like extreme metal and you want something seasoned but outside of the metal mainstream, this might be for you. And don’t let their big hair and leather outfits give you the wrong idea. While most analyses call attention to the echoes of this album’s blistering riffwork that can be heard everywhere from Darkthrone to Evile and even Nirvana, To Mega Therion treats listeners to some more disciplined and classically inspired passages, certainly no less influential, from time to time. Born in another time, it cannot bring back the specific spirit of the early works of the band.

celtic frost to mega therion

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Celtic Frost – To Mega Therion (2-LP, Gram Vinyl) – Music

DesecratorJJuly 19th, Would you like to tell us about a lower price? No doubt, “To Mega Therion” wins the competition.

While this release is still almost as rough and dirty as the band had always been, Frost had learned to hone its vision and fashion its rage and vigor into something primal, apocalyptic, and downright artful. Write a customer review.

Beyond this, To Mega Therion is an album I also hold dear due to its influence upon my own development on my second and later primary instrument, the guitar. Vinyl, June 30, If Celtic Frost’s early EPs represented a dark dungeon of forsaken pleasures, then To Mega Therion must be the opulent obsidian stronghold which covers it; the bastion of utter darkness from which its perverse overlord metes his reign upon the surrounding realms. Leprosy 30 Year Anniversary Edition.


Shame that Tom G Warrior ended up not endorsing this due to the label censoring his liner notes because it seems like he meva criticizing the original label where they were published, Noise. Hard to believe this 3-piece band could put out such killer shit!

See and discover other items: Or maybe just Lovecraft himself, although I highly doubt he could touch any riff Tom G. Mark’s rhythms are percussive and hard-hitting yet simplistic, but they get the job done and they do it well.

Nostalgia is erased as the deep sorrow and frailness of the old takes its place. Other than refusing to keep Tom Warrior’s critical liner notes, BMG did a great job with these reissues.

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The album is heavy and has its individual charm, although the guitar appears slightly awkward. Bassists Dominic Steiner and the late great Martin Eric Ain who played on three of the album’s tracks perfectly bridge the gap between Warrior’s riffs and St.

celtic frost to mega therion

It watched humanity devour itself and drew near mwga kindred darkness within our cursed hearts. Read reviews that mention celtic frost mega therion morbid tales death metal necromantical screams circle of the tyrants black metal jewel throne innocence and wrath eternal summer french horns kettle drums tom warrior north winds beyond the north tempo changes martin ain fainted eyes cover art prophets dream.

One of the hidden highlights on this record is the following “Dawn of Meggido” which is an atmospheric doom metal track that adds a lot of heart and soul to the album again and is easily one of my favourite tracks in here. With this album Tom G. I’ve had many versions of this album cassettes cfltic, cds I can safely say this will be the “be all. And don’t mdga their big hair and leather outfits give you the wrong idea.


Each is not only unique, but part of an entire tapestry that only now can be appreciated for being a remarkable part of music history. To Mega Therion The protagonists and antagonists both rot and megx within their halls upon darkthrones.

The true beauty of Celtic Frost lay in their other-worldliness.

celtic frost to mega therion

Then there are the songs themselves. Even though the artwork is great, the lyrics are intriguing and the sound quality is very underground, the band fails to establish a gripping atmosphere.

Did Tom even know what he was saying when he wrote “Fainted Eyes” “the waters grow dumb”! The guitar tone is less dirty than on “Tales” but much thicker and damn sludgy.

It was far beyond anything my teenage ears had listened to until that time, even its precursor and herald Morbid Tales, in terms of extremity. The album is heavy on gothic megaa aswell. I’m sure for many of us, it worked.