Played this song after nearly 2 years. Symphonic metal heavy metal. The Daily Star Bangladesh. This track was released in their Debut album Onibarjo. Retrieved from ” https: Sazzad Arefeen playing Onibarjo solo.

de-illumination onibarjo

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Shams Mansoor Ghani Label: De-illumination – Keu nei keyboard cover Keyboard – Roland Fa De-illumination have participated in different charity shows.

Before releasing their debut album, De-illumination released five singles in various mixed albums along with other Bangladeshi bands. Bangladeshi rock music groups Musical groups established in Bangladeshi heavy metal musical groups. They asked Samiul, then drummer of Power Surge to join them.

de-illumination onibarjo

De-Illumination Onibarjo – Jam video Played this song after nearly 2 years. During the experiments with the genre, Arefeen and Shams faced some technical difficulties since the genre was pretty new to the local music scene.

De-illumination From Bangladesh – Official Blackstaramps Forum

Anabil and Rony joined later and thus De-illumination was formed. Sazzad Arefeen, one of the founding members of de-illunination band, had been working on and studying the genre since The Daily Star Bangladesh.


Prosenjit Chatterjee, Kushum Shikder, Retrieved 23 April A year later, De-illumination released its fourth single “Hamaguri” through the album Proloy. Aroundthey felt that they had made enough experiments so Shams proposed to go public.

Bangla 1st Paper [Class 8] Instructor: De-Illumination Keu nei full cover by Nisshobdo video.

Videos matching De-illumination: Abar ashibo fire

Abar Ashibo Fire – Soumi. Onibarjo by De-illumination, released in Lyric and Tune: Symphonic metal heavy metal. Tv video www. Their campaign to promote the album was titled “Onibarjo De-nation Public launch and visit tour” which got good response [1] across the de-illumknation. Abar Ashibo fire ai Banglay Retrieved from ” https: This track was released in their Debut album Onibarjo.

de-illumination onibarjo

Their next appearance was in another mixed band album Rage-1 with the track “Ekhoni Shomoy” released in August the same year. Later, Shams Mansoor Ghani, the then keyboardist of Warfaze joined his hands and the duo started to work on the genre.


De-illumination visited almost all the major cities of Bangladesh to promote the album. Sazzad Arefeen playing Onibarjo solo. This is a damn hard All Guitars played by Sazzad Arefeen.


de-illumination onibarjo

Abaar Ashibo Phire Film: De-illumination is a Bangladeshi metal band formed in October in Dhaka. Different Touch Obscure Lalon Band.

Written,composed and played by Sazzad Arefeen. I just love this song, heard it so many times. One of the Great songs of De-Illumination and to me, one of the Bangdesh’s great songs, of a Great band as always, Ignore the mistakes please.