Primarily, I didn’t want to leave the huge inventory of lens tests unavailable for comparison with the latest-tested gear. Canon has updated select programs in its software suite to provide compatibility with its newest cameras, i. Changes made in Canon DPP 3. These results need some explanation. Digital Photo Professional Version 3. We need hot keys to move between images in the main window regardless of what control has focus such as the brightness slider.

digital photo professional 3.13.0 per windows

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Better, more approachable user interfaces. Fixed a malfunction that occurred if an image was overwritten by a newer version after a rating had been set; there were cases where the editing results were destroyed and the image reverted back to the settings when it was first taken.

Additional lenses now covered by correction of lens aberration. Then the 5D III showed up. Key new features in DPP v3. Complaining aside, DPP 4 is loaded with very positive enhancements. Canon Software Gets Refreshed. Added the Tone curve RGB function. From our perspective, the software isn’t finished. Supports new lens EF40mm F2.

Canon Digital Photo Professional

Be sure to enter any leading zeros — else your serial number will not be recognized. Here are just a few of them: You need to enter a serial number for a “compatible body” to download the file.


Fixed a phenomenon where check mark or rating that is set using Quick Check Tool may not be displayed correctly. Canon Digital Photo Professional version 3.

digital photo professional 3.13.0 per windows

I feel that the sample 1 results best represent the sharpness of this camera, but have not processed any of my G1 X RAW images with hopes that Canon would give me the sharper results along the better-cleaned-up image quality that I expect “High quality” to deliver – in a DPP update. This package contains the following version applications:.

Supports the new picture style “Fine Detail” With the exception of EOS M3, this can be applied to images captured by all the supported models. Testing against all of these small changes is very time consuming, but Why Digital Photo Professional 4.

Fixed a malfunction in which attempting to display NR Preview while the highlight warning was displayed would cause the Preview screen to turn deep blue. The program also suffers from many user interface issues. Adds a lens that supports the aberration correction function. Therefore, one must adjust the values in the text boxes instead of relying on a quick mouse click and rotation. A secondary prompt is not required for delete and files can be deleted from directly Quick view.


โปรแกรม DPP 4.2.10 update ล่าสุด

Who wants to process their images in different software versions depending on the camera being used? Canon Picture Style Editor 1. Download the Canon Software updates here.

Same for the Mac standard.

digital photo professional 3.13.0 per windows

You can edit Picture Styles and create and save original Picture Style files. Instead, you must click away from the textbox make it lose focus before the program will allow the change to be saved into the file. Picture Style Editor 1. Improved highlight recovery provides expanded tonality. However, I think that you are going to view the change as positive and non-harming to comparisons with older tests going forward.

With touch-operated controls and a clear, simple user interface, it’s easy to adjust settings like tone curves, picture settings, gamma levels and even lens correction right on your iPad and see the changes applied in real time. Providing users with more freedom when adjusting images, DPP 4.