Site Description—Background of the Hypothetical Site The hypothetical site is assumed to be in extensive granite throughout the vicinity of the site, The hypothetical site is assumed to be in extensive granite throughout the vicinity of the site, and granite outcrop at the site Figures 1 and 2 is considered as a potential recharge area to the and granite outcrop at the site Figures 1 and 2 is considered as a potential recharge area to the underlying aquifer at the site due to hydraulic connection. Volunteer Do you have talents and interests you’d like to share? In some applications, the goal is to store excess water available seasonally for later use in irrigation. The average linear seepage velocity groundwater flow rate based on Equation 2 ranges from 7. Ask an Expert Let us provide you with an expert answer or opinion to your project questions. Effect on Groundwater Quality 4. The current study demonstrates the combination use of analytical and empirical models.

groundwater mounding software

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groundwater mounding software

Reuse of treated municipal wastewater for purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation reduces the amount of water that needs softqare be extracted from natural water sources and reduces the discharge of wastewater to the environment [1—5]. Engineering spftware environmental remediation scenarios due to leakage from the Gulf War oil spill using 3-D numerical contaminant modellings.

The purpose of this method was to provide preliminary data on the suitability of a hypothetical site for irrigation purposes using wastewater and the consequent implications for groundwater quality.

AQTESOLV Groundwater Mounding Solutions

The outcome can help to provide preliminary recommendations on the potential impacts of the wastewater reuse irrigation on the water or land environments at the site and can provide the approval assessment of a treated effluent reuse in relation to on-site and off-site impacts.


The study demonstrates a method of assessing the net recharge from irrigation softwaer estimates of soil moisture surplus contributing to groundwater, by estimates of potential groundwater mounding effect, and by estimates of worst-case impacts on quality due to effluent reuse.

The study claimed that the present modelling approach overcomes the complications of solving the Hantush equation for transient flow.

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Groundwater Mounding Calculation Guidance

Water can only seep into the ground so fast. Site requirements Accessibility Legal Privacy Employee resources. Gulf war contamination assessment for optimal monitoring and remediation cost —benefit analysis, Kuwait. Assessment and prediction of saline sea water transport in groundwater using using 3-D numerical modelling. Predictive Groundwater Mounding Analysis Water can only seep into the ground so fast. You’re using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. This mound would reduce after the irrigation season.

Given that enough to be a concern at any site. Designing cluster and high-density wastewater soil absorption systems to control groundwater mounding. This indicates that the aquifer intersected is confined applies and irrigation to the entire has a potentiometric area, the upper surface or level volcanic aquifer imaginary is grouncwater due to this area.

Irrigation practices can result in the increased percolation of water to the shallower aquifer artificial recharge. Assuming the aquifer is confined with a potentiometric surface at 2 m BGL, the vadose zone is approximately 11 m thick. This could lead to treated effluent leaking into the These data for hydraulic conductivity K indicate that the productivity of the aquifer in the basementshypothetical of nearbysite homes, or zoftware damage to the substructure of roads in the area.


In this study, the depth to groundwater refers to the top of the aquifer, where the aquifer is confined.

AQTESOLV Groundwater Mounding Solutions – RockWare

Time Days Head Change m 37 0. The policy allows for the beneficial uses of groundwater to be precluded by contamination within the attenuation zone but not extending beyond softsare site boundary. Although an over-prediction of the mound height or extent could result if the layer is assumed to be continuous, a discontinuous layer exists because some of the wastewater travels between the discontinuous low-permeability zones and does not mound in these areas.

The required input values are summarised below.

groundwater mounding software

Contaminants in the Subsurface: Use of treated municipal wastewater in irrigated agriculture-Review of some practices in Spain and Greece. The SWAGMAN model combines not only crop water use, but also a complex range of other information including soils, current irrigation practices, leaching requirements, rainfall, depth to water tables, capillary upflow, the salt concentration of irrigation water, and groundwater.

The material in the vadose zone includes clay and weathered basalt as well as fresh basalt fractured rock. The average The K-value ranges from 0. Wastewater Treatment and Reuse: Analysis and Resultof the potential for irrigation of treated effluent to impact local groundwater An assessment quality was undertaken. Swagman Model Farm Studies related to mounding due to infiltration have been a focus of many researchers.

Growth and decay of groundwater mounds in response to uniform percolation. Site Description—Background of the Hypothetical Site 2.