Aed January 28, at 3: I feel like you saved my life: Josy Chow April 8, at 8: Big thanks, once again! Brendog July 20, at 7: Eureka Febby Anne August 5, at 5: Thank you so much!!!

hey say jump nounai dance.mp3

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hey say jump nounai dance.mp3

Btw who has the cutest voice? Thank you so much for posting all these Hey! I can upload that tonight if you like!

hey say jump nounai dance.mp3

And I found this blog! Thank you so much!

Hey! Say! JUMP

Unknown March 15, at 6: D I can upload that performance on the Live Tour post. Chinami June 30, at Yuzu-nyan February 22, at I always love your blog and your YT channel VAL April 5, at 2: Just the songs will do!

Sorry for danc.mp3 a late reply, but I’ve updated this post with Fantastic time!!! I just watched all possible clips in dailymotion and youtube even they have the lowest quality as possible.


hey say jump nounai dance.mp3

Big thanks to you for shared Hey! Brendog February 22, at Petrins May 17, at 9: Thank you so much i cant believe after 10 years i still can listen to their jum songs such as your seed and mayonaka no shadow boy.

I asked at a japanese store to buy the CDs. Brendog July 20, at 7: I also have nakayama yuma’s music videos if you want those too? Josy Chow April 8, at 8: Thanks for liking my blog!!!

HSJ Unrecorded Songs and Yamada Ryosuke’s Solo – 物語は終わらない。。。 — LiveJournal

I was so frustrated because the videos are not that widespread compared to Kpop videos. Lia Fadyar Wati July 1, at 4: I’ve following your blog for a long time but haven’t say thank you properly I’m sorry.

I hope you have a nice day! RizuChii April 25, at I’m glad you were able to find their songs!!

Syifa N Fadilah March 2, at I think I saw a shouldn’t club performance of it from ? Hi I was wondering if you could make it so that I can download yamada’s album singles on MEGA, 4shared isn’t working for me.


Скачать mp3 по запросу: ” Hey!Say!JUMP (Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri)”

Happy Chan November 19, at Min, makasih atas sharenya, tapi kok saya gagal download ya. Thank you so much for always posting Jump’s songs Brenda! Sensations – Sayonara Sensation. Irma Imanie October 2, at 3: