Thank you very much. Their commitment places Europe midstream in the flow from fundamental science to applied research. A medicines manufacturer in my constituency has already set up a new parallel testing facility within the EU to enable it to sell into European Union countries in the future. In doing so, they shall act on the basis of a risk assessment and in compliance with Community law. Thus, the only alternative for operators who wish to continue to enter the low emission zones is to sell the excluded buses at a loss and to invest in a new fleet. At a time when political transition continues to destabilise the south as Russia seeks to undermine those countries in the Eastern Partnership and as the enlargement agenda faces challenges in moving forward, the Neighbourhood has never been so important as it is today to the European Union.

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indiferent numai ea filehost

Portugal has three full-time refineries. The report pointed to a wide range of factors affecting the development and competitiveness of art markets including changes in taste, numzi the perception of the investment value of art, taxation policies including VATrates of commission and administrative costs, including those relating to the administration of the resale right.

indiferent numai ea filehost

The same will happen with a cleaner economy. On the free trade principle, China is a partner for us; they are committed to free trade.

Par contre, en ce qui concerne le climat, les engagements pris sont insuffisants, alors que le Parlement avait fait des propositions ambitieuses pour Kosovo is een gebied waarvan de inwoners de onafhankelijkheid hebben uitgeroepen, die echter niet door alle lidstaten van de Unie is erkend. Plastic pollution is something that is felt across the board and by many countries and many regions. This is a story of the past. Once again, Kosovo has met all the benchmarks set by the European Commission — even more than the other countries of the Western Balkans.


It is only about travelling without fees for families, without waiting times, which are annoying for families. European rules relating to animal well-being.

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Het Nederlands team in Kosovo omschreef indifrent vorig jaar als volgt en ik citeer: La BCE non pone alcuna condizione circa la destinazione di tale credito. Specifically, the no opinion clause as filehoat rule of principle is that the Commission may adopt a draft implementing act when no opinion is delivered, and this right should not be withheld without justification.

But we should also be prepared for any outcome and we should be ready to offer any help that we can. Staff at BMI are concerned that a Commission investigation into the competition implications of the proposed sale may delay completion of the deal.

Indifferent numai ea file hosting. Das ist der Grund.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Die EU geht davon aus, dass bei einem solchen Ersatz die Zustimmung der betroffenen Opfer eingeholt wird. It would also set mandatory limits for contaminants in fertilising products such as mercury, arsenic, nickel and in particular cadmium.

Y esto es lo que se pretende corregir, entre otras cosas. Wenn nein, warum nicht? There are also many other forms, and we have to remember that a significant part comes from textiles and tyres as well.

What measures does it intend to take with regard to this situation? The current legal position in Austria is eaa South Tyroleans cannot acquire Austrian citizenship if they remain Italian nationals and they do not satisfy the Austrian residence requirement.

indiferent numai ea filehost

I should be glad of an assurance that the Commission is aware of this concern, and that it will use its best efforts to ensure that any regulatory delays do not prejudice the continuing viability of the airline. The speaker agreed to take a blue-card question under Rule 8. By the way, we all have to fight against corruption and for the rule of law in these countries; we have to help the citizens of these countries to fight and to have opportunities for jobs and education at home.


As regards the Honourable Member’s question on whether the Guidelines for state aid in the agriculture and forestry sectorare exhaustive, it should be noted that adverse weather conditions are not natural disasters per filehostt because they represent risks inherent to the farming activity.

Dus of we nu vandaag of in april over hun werkroosters, hun lonen en arbeidsvoorwaarden stemmen, chauffeurs verdienen een eerlijke betaling en ze verdienen voldoende rust.

We moeten meer grensoverschrijdende controles houden en hebben zeker ook een handhaving nodig waarin niet wordt gediscrimineerd. Economic reform programmes must dedicate more efforts to correct existing regional and national imbalances and to bridge gaps between Member States in the area of social fipehost.

Indifferent numai ea file hosting

Geschehen ist jedoch bis heute nichts. Le previsioni di crescita per il sono state solo lievemente riviste al ribasso: The EU and its Member States are implementing a number of development assistance programmes in the LRA-affected countries, which aim at strengthening the rule of law, building local governance capacity and reintegrating former members of the LRA into their home communities.

The EU has provided humanitarian assistance to populations affected by LRA activities, as well as bilateral assistance to the four LRA-affected countries: This is not a time for self-congratulation; this is a time for self-appraisal.