Once download you will install the package with: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. To set Opera properly: There are lots of exploits for it in the wild. Follow the straightforward instructions of each installer. Download and check the download file size.


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I understand that Chrome, Chromium, and Firefox require a link to libnpjp2.

Sign up for a free trial. I have also set the unneeded? Sign up for an Oracle Account Sign in to my Account.


Do you agree to the above license terms? If the JDK is installed on a network-mounted drive, it jdk-6u18-liux-i586.bin the system preferences can be exported for sharing with Java runtime environments on other machines.

Although they are still included in the installation package, since October JAI and JMF do not need to be installed see note above. To setup the Java plugin, see step 6. Learn how your comment data is processed. Access your cloud dashboard, jdk-6u18-linux-i5586.bin orders, and more.



To set Opera properly: Upgrading your video driver varies depending on what video driver you have. The prerequisite Java software that you need to install prior to running Shape has been packaged into a zipped archive. Thanks for letting us know any issues with these instructions or variants for other types of Linux systems.

JDK Self-Extracting Installation for Linux (64-bit)

Once download you will install the package with: Follow the straightforward instructions of each installer. I am ben kevan. Jdk-6u18-liinux-i586.bin should now be able to run Shape using webstart. I have tried leaving java-common installed, but it doesn’t jdk-6u18-linyx-i586.bin a difference.

Note you can sign up for their news letter if you wish. On a bit system, you can download either the bit or the bit version of the Java platform. Download and check the download file size.

CentOS下安装JDK和Tomcat – Master HaKu – 博客园

Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. The maximum recommendable memory for that is approximately 1. Instructions kindly provided by Christophe Morisset. If you absolutely must use Java 6, use the last vesrion 6. Both seem to accomplish the same thing and display as I would expect them to when I run set.


Download JDK from the Sun website http: With all of these configurations everything Java related seems to work fine except the browser plugin. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Some stuff will pop up, wham, bam then the installation process is done, but some further configurations are needed.

The procedure described above has problems for the most recent systems. You may also refer to another howto: You can download the necessary files HERE: Here are the details of my situation: Shape need the following: Fedora 9, for which these instructions were made, is already off the site as of April