Agra normal Hindi font, Font family: As I said this font is most circulated font so if you want to give a different look you can prefer another font from the list. Himalaya normal Hindi font, Font family: Each of these fonts have quite good designs in it. Color preview Color code. Annapurna Plain normal Hindi font, Font family: This is also such type of font and will give your work a premium look.

kruti dev display 490

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In other banners and papers we can see this decoration at this time. Kruti Dev 80 normal Hindi font, Font family: EB Bellissimo Display Bold.

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Kruti Dev 80, Font style: Thirsty Script Rough Regular. And this is the biggest benefit of using fonts for creating decorative designs.

Also would like to see “Slab Serif” category, just in case: Thirsty Script Rough Textures. Thirsty Script Rough Three.


Thirsty Script Rough Light One.

kruti dev display 490

Kari Display C Italic. Now after installing windows it just disappeared Thirsty Script Rough Light. They are really cool.

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Condensed I know, most fonts that are Condensed have it written in their filename, but anyway 4. These days this fonts is widely used also in other places like in advertising etc.

Now I’m looking for it. Thank you in advance!

kruti dev display 490

We can easily operate on these design like on other fonts. Kruti Dev normal Hindi font, Font family: Thirsty Script Rough Black One.

Thirsty Script Rough Light Two. I am collecting some more Hindi newspaper fonts and publish them soon. Balram normal Hindi font, Font family: Cards and gifts are often transferred. EB Bellissimo Display Medium.

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Lintel Complete Family Pack. Click on download font link to download that particular font. Thirsty Script Rough Bold One. Kruti Dev DisplayFont style: Using these fonts will give a fabulous look to your work and will alw….


Kruti Dev Display 480 Regular

Yogesh normal Hindi displxy, Font family: Anyone have an alternate name for this font, or know a font that is very similar? I’ve located “Andes,” which is similar to “Plaza” used to write “Nancy,” but I can’t find a free font similar to “Fontesque” used to write “Fancy.

Normal, Download font search alphabetically. Annapurna Plain, Font style: Might have come with a software install.