On Windows, if you must use the Task Manager to kill the FLEXnet Licensing service, be sure to end the lmgrd process first, then all the vendor daemon processes. If you run the application s more than once that day, no duplicate licenses are borrowed. If the optional vendor daemon name is specified, only the named daemon rereads the license file and its end-user options file in this case, lmgrd does not reread the license file. Name of the host the user is logged into, as reported by lmstat -a. The effect of lmswitchr continues only until the vendor daemon is shut down or its options file is reread via lmreread.


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If multiple servers are specified, automatically shuts down all of them. Host where license server system is running. You can protect the unauthorized execution of lmremove when you start up the license server manager, lmgrd, because removing a user’s license is disruptive.

Here is an example extract:.

lmutil command line options

To illustrate using these FLEXnet tools, this section describes how to view the current status of the license manager. An Error Occurred Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page.

A user might run lmborrow -clear after he has borrowed licenses for features that are used offline if-before disconnecting from the network-he wants to run an application that checks out additional features, served by vendor, that are not meant to be borrowed.



Allows users direct control over license file path settings. It also starts a new debug log file written by that vendor daemon if one does not already exist. In this mode, extended connection diagnostics are not available.

Normally, lmtsat.exe convert from decimal to readable format, lminstall is used with no arguments; you are prompted for the name of the output license file.

The following table lists the names of the most useful tools available through lmutil. Is there a way for licenses to be monitored from the client machine instead of the server?

You can also view the log file in lmtools. To resolve this issue, run the following command from the command prompt.


In addition to the lmborrow utility, there are other ways to initiate borrowing:. If the checkout fails because lmdiag cannot connect lmsatt.exe the license server system, then you have the option of running “extended connection diagnostics. On Windows, if you must use the Task Manager to kill the FLEXnet Licensing service, be sure to end the lmgrd process first, then all the vendor daemon processes. The network license manager log file will show license check-ins and check-outs. The following are valid arguments lmstah.exe most lmutil utilities:.

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Symptoms or Error When the lmstat -a command is run from the command prompt on a computer with the Licensing software version Please refer to following support article: If feature is not specified, usage information for all features is displayed.


Is it better now? The perl scripts provided as part of this FAQ are provided “as is” and without support entitlement. The lmstat command does not give this information, but there ways in which it can be estimated. The maximum number seats in use over a period of time The lmstat command only gives the usage that moment in time. Shut down all license daemons both lmgrd and all vendor daemons on lmatat.exe license server node.

How can I tell how many licenses are in use?

Move this file to the application’s default license file directory, if specified by the software vendor. Determine the FLEXnet version of a library or binary file. Ensure that the complete path of the MyFiles folder is specified:. On Windows systems, the lmutil command form of the commands are available. Reload the page to see its updated state.


If you have a network license, there are lmstat.fxe ways to monitor license usage. Abhishek Ballaney Abhishek Ballaney view profile. For example, lmutil lmstator lmutil lmdown. Link to this article.