A new folder with a new configuration file will be created. Project settings dialog Project Settings dialog pops — up automatically when the application is started. The selection is placed on each frame in the sequence. Advanced control options PRO Version While taking sequence of images, there are advanced control options available, which enable you to retake broken images in the sequence. You can always recreate the database by clicking Update Project Manager View.

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After generating presentation, it is possible to save it to one compressed file in. By default the main application window includes all functional windows organized in left, right and bottom panels.


The selection is placed on orbitvvu frame in the sequence. You should receive this information from your supplier. Project manager stores all information regarding projects in a database.

To generate presentation properly, make sure all of the images in the sequence have the same height and width. You can define your category names in Application Preferences.

For additional technical information see http: The heavier and less stable the object is, the less value of this parameter is recommended. Licence details can be found in licence. Installation box Click Next Fig. Mac installation complete Click Close after successful installation. Editor orbitvu editor dialog Preview Window Background Colour: Project manager window Filtering You can filter projects by categories, creation date or by server state.


All frames can orbitvu editor cut at once to selection size. Choose when quality is priority.

You can check upload orbitvu editor by moving mouse over server status icon. The proper setting depends on the mass and size of the photographed object. To open a project just double click it in the table view below.

Licence agreement box License agreement box will appear: Mac installer – accept license agreement Press Agree button to proceed.


Mac installer window Click Continue Fig. Edit and dragging it around. It is possible to use the same cropping area through different projects to maintain the same aspect ration — use copy and paste icons.

Selection Area orbitvu editor Allows numeric edition of current orbitvu editor. All images will be copied to a new location and all changes applied. Installation complete box Application is installed. You can move functional window outside main window, e.


Please, contact us at info orbitvu. Stop All will stop all transfers. Advanced control options PRO Version While taking sequence of images, there are advanced control options available, which enable you to retake broken images in the sequence. Main window Working with orbitvy windows To switch off unused window clicking uncheck window in the Window menu in the top right corner of the window or Fig.


Mac installer – license agreement Chose orbitvu editor language, read license and press Continue. This options are available in menu after right clicking a frame in the sequence. Camera not connected Once properly connected you can see Manufacturer details and Camera Name, and you can release shutter to capture an image. Project manager will rescan Project Space folder and recreate the database.