Tedious, but not a worry because all my data was safe on the other D partition, and I had all the original CDs. Subsequent searching I also found http: Some extra configuration will need to be performed. When launching Palm Desktop for the first time, you may be probed for the same user name that you typed as Firstname Lastname if it does not find users. If you often open different records, you can configure that Secret! It’s a good idea to make backups of this file once in a while.

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Glad those instructions worked for you.

Palm Desktop

Free Download for Palm OS. There see to be no markings on the device itself and within the software, the only reference is to the HotSync in the device 4. You can also enter the password with the keyboard or Graffiti palm hotsync 4.0 applicable. Can you describe how to determine which model of Palm Pilot I have? Hi Can we do it Without hotsync, we dont have our tungstein palm but we use the program on the computer. You can try it out prior to your purchase, but you must register license it if you decide to keep it.


John Leon 27 May Search is not case-sensitive and will find arbitrary sub-strings.

Setting Up Palm OS Hot syncing with Windows 7 or Vista 64bit

To protect against typos, you have to enter the new password twice. The role of the Master Computer is to keep the Palm Desktop database uptodate, create backups and copy data to a shared directory on my router on a very regular basis. John 11 Sep palm hotsync 4.0 This password is used to encrypt and decrypt your data and only someone knowing this password can access your data. Turn Bluetooth or Wireless off when not in use to save battery life while scoring games.

To increase security, you can configure Secret! If you upgrade from a previous Secret! Please contact us for volume discounts and site licenses. The are located in a directory located under. Palm Desktop is freely available from Palm. Now it is all there, and stays there when I close palm hotsync 4.0 re-open the program.

This page was last 40 on 3 Julyat I dont have a windows10 machine, but these instructions look clear and detailed. John, thanks for your post.


Troy Gardner 27 May You can enter additional information below the TAN list, e. My computer – dead. This could be useful if you want to protect some especially important records with palm hotsync 4.0 extra-long and complicated password, or if you want to share some information with others using a general password.

Now you can use the TANs one-at-a-time. You should not remove the card before you leave the Secret!

Scripting must be enabled to use this site.

Users considering an upgrade to Palm Desktop 6. Read-only mode is indicated by removal of the dotted lines. This will only pqlm the display in the Launcher and in the Info and Delete dialogs.

Frequently Asked Questions I use Secret! Retrieved from ” https: The only gotcha was while re-installing the Palm Desktop v4. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.