Launcher Another done part the plugin, the launch capabilities. It provides a way to launch the weaved application with the PHPAspect runtime. Well love was definitely involved this summer I was hoping to be able to make a first release of APDT before the end of the year. What you mostly touched up is the intercepting filters design pattern, which can considered to ‘encapsulate’ the code. NET or Java, because of its dynamic nature, but it still seems like something that clashes with the single responsibility principle which I assume is your reason for going through all of this.


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This is considered bad because it results in code that isn’t organized into self-contained modules but where modules are tied to each other and can’t be reused or tested in isolation. Monday, January 22, phpAspect on Tour. Also the trace cannot be filtered or adapted then their purpose is to track these operations. I have to say that Phapspect really excited about this.

In summary, the weaknesses are bloated code and a learning curve in exchange for aspect oriented functionality. Sound’s like my phpaspevt will be full of PHP!


I’ve posted some early screenshots here. At best, it’s like a “poor man’s AOP”.

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PHP Aspect Oriented Design – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

What you mostly touched up is the intercepting filters phpaxpect pattern, which can considered to ‘encapsulate’ the code. And now debugging of filters.

I’m currently working on the incremental builder that use the PHPAspect parser. I’m looking forward to collect your feedbacks, questions and suggestions about phpAspect! Sign up using Facebook. It’s more encapsulated, sure, but it’s still “infecting” your normal business logic.


It just gonna be great: Sunday, November 11, What’s keeping us busy If I look back to all the professional and social connections I have made during these event, I can’t suggested you enough to go out there and talk about what you do or what makes you excited.

More examples of AOP here: The opportunities to give talk about your project are increasing dramatically: The Summer of Code gives you exposure on your project that allows you to connect with people having the same interests about programming an open source development. Turning trace on works like: But unfortunately my engineering studies didn’t gave me enough time to realize this objective.


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I wouldn’t call the code boilerplate but I would call it bloated. Sunday, August 12, The end of the summer is coming I’m taking advantage of this break to give you an update about the project. The plugin is working with the PDT Project.


Saturday, January 6, phpAspect alpha 0. Any feedback questions, comments, or criticisms you might have are welcome: If I had to differentiate between them I would say these are more flexible in that they can be set to respond on specific events and allow filtering through anonymous functions, instances and static methods. Launcher Another done part the plugin, the launch capabilities. Email Required, but never shown.


Well love was definitely involved this summer The second news is that my proposal “phpAspect eclipse plugin” for the Google Summer of Code under the mentoring of Gilles Vanwormhoudt has been accepted!