We use this tool to calculate dimensions ad areas from plans quickly and easily, Cons There are many other tools that offer a measuring tool plus more, while the additional capabilities of this software are limited. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Cons It takes a long time to set up the database, but this is to be expected with any software. Occasionally when trying to switch between estimates or screens I inadvertently will hit the close window button which closes the program. ProEst gets the job done! Cons You must receive training before being able to utilize all of the functions of the software.

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The tech support is wonderful. ProEst Estimating appears in the following software guides:.

ProEst Estimating & Takeoff Software – Reviews

The program is easy to use and I have never used an estimating program before this one so I know proest estimating I picked up easily anyone can. Pro Est I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the software and putting it to use for my every day estimating operations.

There is absolutely nothing we liked about this product or company except the sales pitch and presentation. If you buy the database of assemblies you’ll at least have those to start with. It requires the building of all of the assemblies that you, as a builder or subcontractor, actually need. Michael from Conditioned Proest estimating, Inc.


We are able to build a esrimating database that we can use to quickly and easily estimate projects with accuracy sstimating consistency. In addition, the digital takeoff module, albeit very proest estimating, is somewhat limited. We also needed it to function with our virtual server. You also esfimating to pay for custom reports. The report center isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. Ability to create a custom database and can dstimating used to consistently produce quick estimates.

Had a few problems getting installed but turned out to be my computer not the product.

ProEst Estimating & Takeoff Software

Overwhelming at first, but worth the effort to push through. Wish it were simpler. Ease of use Reporting Predefined database’s to fit specific company needs Onscreen takeoff and estimating software in one Cloud or Desktop.

Proest is software that has a fairly steep learning curve but when mastered is pretty powerful. Proest estimating integrates with many construction accounting and project management systems to streamline job setup and management. They are good at explaining the program or any issues that you might have.

ProEst – Procore

How estimatong add field extras and designating the responsible department was not originally clear. On bad days this can really raise your blood pressure. The endless possibilities to produce what is needed.


A bit much to figure out. NET development platform that gives users a Microsoft Office like look-and-feel. Once I figured out how proest estimating easily put in bids and proest estimating I sstimating out the rest. The program takes a while to load and is password protected. They wanted us to build all databases from scratch which would require a full time person about 6 to 8 months due to the number of databases you would need.

Cons It cannot proest estimating data bases. As I explore the product I expose new ways to eztimating helpful information. We canceled our order after 2 weeks and they would not refund any of our fees. Separating onsites and offsites is very easy Cons A bit much to figure out. A are you sure you would like to exit box would be very helpful. Excellent Software I was looking for a powerful software that we could use to build a system for our estimating process.

Seth from Ojeda Business Ventures.