South China Morning Post. It was the first of its kind within AKB48 and its sister groups. If you live in Saipan, it might be worth buying a catamaran or really nice house with a pool? On December 26, they held their second Request Time. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At the very least, maybe a nice flashy convertible for the next time SNH48 comes to shoot a video?

pv snh48 ponytail to shushu

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Retrieved 6 October South China Morning Post.

SNH48 – Wikipedia

Meanwhile, 30 third-generation members were announced. The members and captains of the remaining four teams were announced, while a separate team consisting of trainees was created.

On September 1, Team FT held the first performance of their stage, “Two-Faced Idol”, the first time in which an SNH48 team performs a stage originally performed by one of its sister groups.

Daily Mail and General Trust. The group is owned by Chinese companies NineStyle and Star To see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please enable your Javascript!

pv snh48 ponytail to shushu

So many memorable scenes! List of SNH48 members. Meanwhile, Team HII began its fourth stage, “Beautiful World”, [19] making the group and its sister groups’ material fully original. On May 26, SNH48 kickstarted the “Unmask Plan” for its trainees, in which they attend regular performances while wearing masks.


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Ponytail to Shushu (Song)

This was their first performance at a major event to date. From September 6 to 10, the group held a series of stages to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the SNH48 Theatre. Retrieved 12 November If you live in Saipan, it might be worth buying a catamaran or really nice house with a pool? As the summer is just beginning, more and more idol MVs filmed on the beach or poolside have been coming out l…. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ponytail to Shushu (Song) – Wiki48

If so, she would be the second SNH48 captain to leave, and the first captain to leave voluntarily. Here is the original AKB48 version fromcomplete with the 2-minute long intro of the members in the pobytail room. On June 29, SNH48 Group’s management, Star48, opened a global audition to recruit youths to be trained to become artists. It was the first of its kind within AKB48 and its sister groups.

Li Jia’en Zhou RuiLin. If like us, are a little confused about the names of the member s that you are interested in, there are videos with their names in katakana and Romaji.

pv snh48 ponytail to shushu

During shushj event, it was announced that they have partnered with Sina Weibo in setting up the “SNH48 Election Chart”, opening up another channel for fans to vote for their idols. Ju Jingyi Li Yitong.


It’s Going to be a Hot Summer! Cool Down With SNH48’s Refreshing MV for “Ponytail to Shushu”!

During this event, it was announced that they would open its first Korean style training centre, and that SNH48 Group’s annual Fashion Awards and Request Time would be held in Beijing and Guangzhou respectively. A theater was built in Shanghai beginning in October.

pv snh48 ponytail to shushu

Its music video was shot in South Korea. Meanwhile, Pocket48 released the “Mate48” applet, based on WeChat mini-programs to run user-generated content campaigns. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat With so many Japanese idols going overseas to spread idol culture, seeing how that culture is interpreted and transformed in other countries should be interesting too, right?

Adding a ukulele to the already famous piano intro, the MV is mostly the members dancing on the beach but there are several scenes of them riding ponyytail bicycle, playing ukulele, exploring an old bus, riding a catamaran and of course, taking pictures of themselves!

On February 27, 7Senses debuted in South Korea. SNH48 is a Chinese idol girl group based in Shanghai.