You are commenting using your Facebook account. The problem is, I can only set this parameter in a basic Silverlight player built from an Expression Encoder Template. Click Ok to create web site in IIS. In a nutshell, it involves the content being delivered from the server to the client as a series of short HTTP downloads, rather than one long download or a constant-bitrate stream. This leads us to the Microsoft Media Platform based player which makes it possible at the client side to recognize the source content and enable Smooth Streaming. Hope this post will give you a complete picture of the media handling capability that Silverlight offers.

smooth streaming player xap

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You will have to add references of these dll in Silverlight project. To locate this file on your local drive browse to C: But not out of the box.

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So theoretically, just inheriting from MediaPlayer, as mentioned in my post, should just work and no extra effort needed.

The MediaPlayer object will automatically download the smooth streaming support if needed.

These were what all required to smooth stream media from IIS and play in Silverlight client. Unless you manually want to manage this part and skip the deferred loading of the extra xap Hi, I found SS does not work or poorly work at bw sudden drop.


So what you need to do, is to reference the AdaptiveStreamingSource assembly. Well, it is hard to say what is wrong.

smooth streaming player xap

Note that delivery of H. Each individual play item has the option to choose its mode of delivery to the client. You are commenting using your Facebook account. After successful encoding you will get encoded media playing the browser playe the local derive. Then you use this source to set the source of the MediaElement.

October 6, at 9: Silverlight 1 introduced the MediaElement object to enable rich media experience. At least this is the way that I have srteaming it works… When you get a url to a. It’s a good job. September 1, at 6: We are actually streaming p video at good quality.

What is adaptive streaming? See smooth streaming video below.

Microsoft Smooth Streaming protocol configuration

Nice to see you in here! July ZeroKoll Silverlight Comments I followed the all steps to create a publishing point and connect to it from Expression Encoder 4. Download file chunks to the client system and the user has access to the content downloaded. I have never managed to get Encoder to encode to smooth streaming without creating all the needed files After download extract the file on locally.


ISMC file “by hand?

Have a look at the difference between progressive download and IIS smooth streaming at the live link provided at the top of this article. This post is walkthrough on enabling smooth streaming of media over IIS and then stream over Silverlight client.

smooth streaming player xap

It is a technology that supports streaming from an IIS 7 server. Hope that helps in some way And companies like Netflix use smooth streaming as they sfreaming need the ability to offer the best quality possible for each individual viewer looking to for the best quality when they watch TV shows online.

No good samples, no good documentation, use cases.