In this case, try to search after turning off the firewall or virus protection software. Select ,,Server of “Operation Mode”. In t his def ault set t ing, t he connect ion is maint ained even t hough t here is no dat a t ransmission. If t here is no dat a t ransmission during t he t ime def ined in Inact ivit y t ime, t he connect ion will be closed f or ot her syst em t o be connect ed. Password ,,Password function is for blocking clients access which is not allowed. Configuration Tool Serial Con

wiz110sr configuration tool

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The module will re-init ialize wit h t he changed conf igurat ion.

wiz110sr configuration tool

The default value is ,0. If module does not have valid network information, Direct IP search is not available.

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Serial Configuration Command Code TCP is the protocol to establish the connection before data communication, but UDP just processes the data communication without connection establishment. Therefore, tolo use this mode only for Debug mode.

This option is requires in order to re-connect TCP cnofiguration in case it is lost. It j ust def ines who will request t he connect ion f irst and who will be wait ing f or t he connect ion request s.



The existing TCP connection will be lost if the mode changes to serial command mode. By selecting this option, users can enter the IP address, port number, subet mask, gateway address, DNS server into section 2. Skip to main content.

Select ,Server of “Operation Mode”. Firmware upload can be unsuccessful due to firewall or virus protection software. Serial command mode switch code: If Debug mode is on, debug message can cause abnormal operat ion of t he serial device. Ping Test checks whether or not the module and PC can communicate with each other. Set t his opt ion t o use DHCP mode.

wiz110sr configuration tool

When you want to set via serial communication, check “enable”. By inputting specified 3 characters you can enter into the configuration mode.

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This function is for module configuration not through network with Configuratlon tool but through serial communication. The warrant y applies only t o product s dist ribut ed by WIZnet or our of f icial dist ribut ors. Every designat ed charact er, serial dat a convert ed t o Et hernet.

Just set the IP address and port number of the peer and send the data.

Theref ore, net work inf ormat ion of t he module such as IP address, subnet mask and gat eway is required.


As illustrated in the above figure, data transmission proceeds as follows: Shows the operational status of the device – BOOT: When t he window as shown in below f igure, select f ile t o upload and click Open but t on.

If there is no data transmission during the time defined in Inactivity time, the connection will be closed for other system to be connected. Device Search Firmware Upload Figures: Password ,Password function is for blocking clients access which is cinfiguration allowed.

If inactivity timer is set, connection is lost after the designated time without data communication is lapsed after the last data is sent. The default interval of the time gap before and after the woz110sr mode switch code is ms. Demonstration And Test Figure Configuration Tool Serial Config.

wiz110sr configuration tool

Configuration Tool serial Config. Option Mode for Password Configuration Serial Serial Configuration value of selected module is displayed.